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REVIEWED: Aerpro AMHXD3 with Hema Maps & AMTO29 Head Unit

We install an AMTO29 head unit in a 70 Series Landcruiser to test the AMHDX3 black box that comes programmed to use Hema Maps

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Gear Review: Rhino-Rack's Stow It Utility Holder

Sometimes a little extra storage space is needed when hitting the road, and a roof rack is often the way to go.

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Camping Essentials - Solar Blanket

A portable solar blanket can charge your battery even if you have no panels on the roof.

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ArkPak 730 Review

Camper tests out an ArkPak 730 portable battery box running a 120Ah AGM battery.

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Furrion LIT Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Furrion LIT bluetooth speaker can play the soundtrack of any camping adventure, thanks to its hardy construction, convenient portability and impressive quality of sound.

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MAXTRAX Xtreme Review

MAXTRAX recovery devices have been around for a long while. Now, with replaceable teeth, the XTREME takes this technology to a whole new level.

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Birdwatching Bible

Discover the hotspots where Australia’s feathery flocks gather, with this handy guide to 55 locales.

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OzCharge Rescue Mate RM1000 Review

A jump-starter that can be charged in 90 seconds off a flat battery? You bet.

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TJM Portable Compressor Review

Simple, light and robust – what one of the most important bits of recovery gear should be.

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Camping and touring the USA, Canada and Mexico

Do yourself a favour and plan a trip, post-COVID! Ron and Viv Moon give you the lowdown for your next overseas adventure.

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Grunt 4x4 Tailgate Struts

Gear Review: Grunt 4x4 Tailgate Strut System

Utes are great workhorses, but the heavy tailgates can sometimes create a problem. Scott Heiman takes a look at a potential solution — a tailgate strut assist system

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