EverShower - Best Portable Shower Tent

John Ford — 12 September 2022
The Topargee EverShower is a portable, private shower that offers a luxurious experience wherever you might travel.

Able to be set up virtually anywhere (with access to a 12v power supply), this shower is capable of recycling water in a fully self-contained manner, allowing you to enjoy a 20-minute hot or cold shower using a mere three litres of water. It can also easily be run using continuous freshwater if preferred. 

A robust EverShower ‘Monsoon’ 12v electric water pump is included and is simply placed in the water source – external or by filling the 10-litre tub for a recycling option – then turned on for a portable and hands-free shower. Using stove or solar heated water, or a portable water heater, you can enjoy a hot shower after a long day travelling or sightseeing. 

Weighing 8.5kgs, the EverShower folds down into a compact box that can easily be stored away while on the road and can be set up or packed up is about two minutes. When not in use, the EverShower can serve the dual purpose of a very effective clothesline.

 With the base tub serving as your shower floor, the EverShower can be used indoors or outdoors. The removable roof gives the option for additional privacy when required or you can remove the tent frame entirely and hang the shower from alternate overhead points so EverShower will suit your needs no matter how or where you travel. 

The EverShower kit is now available online, priced at $399, with replacement water pump and clothesline kits also available. 

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