How to choose the right camping chair

Staff writers — 23 January 2024

Choosing the right camping chair can be a bit of a Goldilocks exercise — they can be too hard, too soft or just right. But with so many chairs available to buy, how do you choose the chair that’s just right for you?

Here are some factors to consider to ensure that you get the best chair for your needs.

Purpose and type of camping chair

There are many different types of camping chairs available, and each type has a different purpose. Do you want a lightweight, folding chair that you can take hiking or carry with you to music concerts?

The Helinox Chair One is available from A247 for $149. Portable, foldable, packable and weighing just 1.5kg this is a chair for car camping and hiking, music festivals, watching the kids’ soccer games and even backpacking trips where added comfort is worth a little extra weight.

It’s easy to assemble and carry and has an aluminium frame and well-ventilated polyester weave. Better still it has a five-year warranty.

A deck chair or director’s chair will be comfortable but will allow you to sit upright to eat meals at the table.

The Front Runner Expander camping chair ($128) folds down to an incredible 1/16th of its size — the size of a laptop case — which is fantastic if you’re short on storage space. Lightweight and compact with a carrying handle, this chair can be used for four-wheel driving, picnics, outdoor concerts, sporting events or even just as a basic chair around camp. Constructed of rugged steel it folds in three easy steps, does not sink into the sand and features a cup holder, media pocket and utility pocket.

Deck-style chairs with a flip-down side table are very popular among campers because there is always a handy place to rest your drink, book, phone or whatever.

The Traveller Wavy Arm Chair ($149) allows you to take the comfort of your own home out into the great outdoors. It features an integrated flip-down side table, comfortable padded armrests and a simple fold-down action for storage/carrying. It weighs 5.82kg and has a maximum carrying capacity of 200kg.

Maybe you want a lounge or moon chair that’s big and comfortable enough to have a snooze or read a book.

The Luna chair ($169) is a super cosy and luxurious moon-shaped chair perfect for relaxing with your favourite book or a glass of wine. With a hefty weight rating (200kg) this chair can even accommodate two kids.

It’s made of powder-coated steel, heavy duty polyester and concertina legs so it’s sturdy and built to last. Note the cleverly designed under straps to adjust the lumbar support to suit you and your body shape.

If you just want something simple to sit on while you’re fishing on the banks of a river, a camping stool will do the trick.

The Navigator Nowhere flip stool ($47.95) measures just 35cm x 35cm x 45cm but can take a weight of 125kg. With pockets for phones, keys and the like it can serve as a seat, foot stool or side table. It folds completely flat and has removable feet.

Or perhaps you just want a basic flat folding camping chair that can serve all purposes.

The Navigator Nowhere Chair ($114.95) is a great all-purpose camping chair that comes in adult and kids sizes.

Its features are many including padded seat and backrest, collapsible drink holder, wine glass holder, pivot feet, steel alloy frame in Navigator Blue, generous mesh pocket and heavy duty carry bag. The Navigator weighs 7kg and will take a maximum weight of 150kg.

Weight and folded size

The weight and folded size of the chair are important considerations, especially if you’re planning to carry it around with you. Lightweight chairs are easier to transport, but they may not be as sturdy as heavier ones. And weight is a big consideration when you are transporting chairs around in your camper.


The quality of the chair is another important factor to consider. Look for chairs that are made from durable materials and have sturdy frames. This will ensure that your chair lasts for many camping trips to come.


Comfort is key when it comes to camping chairs. Look for chairs that have padded seats and backrests, as well as armrests and footrests if you need them. You should also consider the height of the chair and whether it provides adequate support for your back.


Some camping chairs come with accessories such as cup holders, side tables and built-in coolers. These can be useful features to have, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in your chair.


Finally, consider your budget when choosing a camping chair. There are chairs available at a range of price points, so you should be able to find one that fits your needs and your budget.


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