Review: NomadiQ portable BBQ

John Ford — 15 July 2022
The NomadiQ has a surprisingly large cooking area that unfolds at the click of a couple of buttons.

The NomadiQ is a barbecue like no other. Designed in Holland and formed from aluminium, the NomadiQ weighs just 6kg and comes with a neoprene carry bag and wide shoulder strap for easy transport. As added protection when travelling, the original foam packaging looks durable enough to last the miles.

Setting up the barbecue is simple. Purchase a disposable screw-type gas cylinder, available at most camping and hardware outlets — we even found one in Merimbula! Then screw the gas onto the supplied metal two-arm covered flexible hose and screw it into two connectors on the NomadiQ. A set of legs flip out cleverly from the base to keep everything steady. Unfold the cover like an opening clamshell to reveal two surprisingly large 700sq cm grids, and you’re ready to start cooking. 

The burners light at the flick of a switch and individual controls let you use one or both grills and have different heat settings for each. Cook the steak on high on one while you reheat the garlic bread on the other.

We cooked chicken kebabs, a couple of rissoles and some corn on one side and grilled tomatoes halves on the other, and it all turned out well.

Once cold, cleaning was simple. The grills came out easily and were washed in the sink with some warm water. They can go in a dishwasher. The bottom of the barbecue wiped down with paper towels. I’m told a gas cylinder should last about three hours, but we are yet to test that. 

The NomadiQ is a practical and stylish cooker that is compact enough to easily stow in the van or the back of the car. It works well and will cook a remarkable amount given its compact travelling size. It is beautifully designed and very well made. It looks like it will endure the rough and tumble of camping and caravanning.

Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by architectural hardware and industrial products company Notchka Pty ltd, the NomadiQ sells for $549 and is available direct from the supplier at or at selected stores. 

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