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3 camping recipes with just one skillet

With just one skillet in hand, you can prepare a variety of delicious meals that will leave everyone at the campsite impressed.

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Eight Simple Camping Recipes

A one-stop campfire dinner without the fuss

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Easy Vegetarian Camping Recipes Ideas

With the change of seasons comes the option of using fresher and healthier ingredients to create these delicious vegetarian-based recipes on the road.

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Easy Camping Meal Ideas To Cook With Kids

Let the kids get involved with the cooking holidays with these simple campfire meals.

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Three Refreshing Mocktails

Here’s a few refreshing mocktail recipes to help you handle the heat.

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Campfire Cooking: Classic Damper

Modern day luxuries have softened us up like melted marshmallows. Time to hearken back to times of old, when pioneering Aussie swagmen roamed the land, by cooking a damper.

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Beef Stroganoff

What’s richer? The meal’s taste or its history?

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Pan-fried potatoes (image supplied)

Pan-fried Potatoes

Four ingredients combine to make these pan-fried potatoes, delivering roadhouse flavours to your camper.

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Camping recipes: S'mores

Camping recipes Smores

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Tight-arse tucker

Tight-Arse Tucker: Part 1

Feeding the whole family doesn't come cheap, and it's even harder when you're out on the road with minimal ingredients and utensils! Luckily the Camper Trailer Australia team have shared their top budget-friendly camping recipes

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Review: SLRV Commander 4x4 Adventure Truck

John Ford recently got to check out the SLRV Commander 4x4 Adventure Truck and was impressed by this innovative, adventure-ready RV giant.

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Don't miss the 1770 Festival in Queensland this May

Immerse yourself in the lush beauty and rich history of 1770, Qld, at the annual 1770 Festival.

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