Tasty Tucker: Simple Breakfast Feast

Sam Richards — 18 March 2019
Don’t end up having a can of tuna for brekky. Come prepared and fuel your adventures.

I remember, years ago, staying in Narrabeen in northern Sydney. My mate and I, ready for a day of bodysurfing at Bondi Beach, wanted to fuel up over breakfast. A deep dig through our food stores, chaotic within a plastic tub, turned up some instant pancake mix that simply required the addition of milk – or water. 

In the mad rush of the previous days, we had found ourselves with no milk, and being decent, moral blokes, we didn’t want to nick any from the public fridge at the holiday park (at this hour, on the weekend, no one was up to ask to borrow); so we blended the mix with water and poured it into our frying pan – hopeful, expectant. 

We were envisioning the heat ceasing the mix’s expansion outwards, such that we would have several, neat little circles, ideal for consumption. Alas, the thin pancake liquid instantly blew out to the furthest extremes of the pan, making one big fat circle. 

Upset, but still harbouring high hopes, we waited patiently for the heat to harden the underside, but when sufficient time has elapsed to expect a succesful flip, the spatula simply penetrated the viscous mix. There was nothing to flip; only liquid and a hard crust lining the pan. 

I will never forget the hilarity of my mate scraping our failed breakfast into the bin, one sludgy spatula-full at a time. In the end we had cans of tuna. Sweet chilli flavoured fish at that time of the morning is a horrific offence to the palate, but what choice did we have? 

It was too late for us. But it isn’t for you. Don’t succumb to the same fate; make sure your next breakfast sustains you for the day.

Cook time: 20 Minutes

Serves: Four


  • Loaf of bread
  • Carton of 12 eggs
  • Canola oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 mango
  • Carton of milk
  • Honey
  • Vanilla extract
  • Porridge oats


Use a cup or an egg ring to press holes in the slices of bread. Make sure to keep these bread circles – fried up, they taste quite incredible. Generously add canola oil to the cooking surface, which can be either a barbecue or a pan on a cooktop. Get the heat going and add the bread – both the slices and the cut-out bread circles. Crack an egg on the side of the pan and release the egg into the holes in the bread. You will likely struggle to fit all of your bread slices onto the cooking surface; simply leave them aside and add them on as the space becomes free. 

In the meantime, unpeel the bananas and add them to the blender. Cut slices off of the mango and scoop as much flesh as you can into the blender, making sure not the include any of the skin or the hard centre. Add about 500mL of milk (if serving four); measure out the honey and the vanilla extract according to your need for flavour. Spoon in a few tablespoons of porridge oats, to thicken up the texture; perhaps three or four spoons. Hit blend, and once the mix is thoroughly blended, pay some attention to your burning eggs, for goodness sake. 

Flip the eggs and the bread rings, but don’t leave them flipped for long if you want the yolks runny. Then add them to the plate and grind the salt and pepper over them.

Having consumed the lot you should feel fuelled and ready for a big day – whether that’s bodysurfing at Bondi or otherwise!


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