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Exploring Tasmania’s Bay of Fires region

Unleash your adventurous spirit: Walking and camping in Tassie’s Bay of Fires

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How To: Lower Your Free Camping Footprint

Learning how to tread lightly in the wilderness is essential in minimising our impact on the environment with its ecologically delicate natural features.

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Safety and security at a Free Campsite

For many of us, taking off for remote locations with beautiful scenery is the goal we’re all striving for, and we spend and modify our setup to make the most of our trips.

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It’s been a long time since we’ve simply turned the vehicle’s nose perpendicular to the road and hea

Free Camping: The Good Old Days

There’s a lot of country out there to explore, but it turns out life on the road is not as free and easy as it used to be.

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As campers, we need to ensure that if we make use of existing free or low-cost campsites, we support

Free Camping Sites Vs Caravan Parks

Free camping near towns can be hard to come by, but increasing numbers of self-sufficient campers are looking for alternatives.

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The all-new Kids’ Lap Bible — Rose Foster interview

Kids’ Lap Bible author Rose Foster shared some great advice with us for those embarking on the Big Lap with kids in tow.

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Starlink: A game changer for reliable communication

Having a reliable method of communicating when travelling is essential, and Starlink is a great piece of gear to add to your camping setup.

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