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Keeping your Cool: How to Prevent Overheating

Things getting a little heated with the engine? Best to nip overheating in the bud before your components go bust or you find yourself stranded in the bush.

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Camping recipes: Nachos

Camping recipes Nachos

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If your 4WD is new and is pretty much stock standard then you shouldn’t have such issues, but perfor

Cooling an Overheating Vehicle

Is a new turbo leaving your 4WD hot under the collar? Cool it: it may just be the clutch fan.

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Essential safety gear equipment for remote travel

Make sure your next adventure into Australia’s remote landscapes is as safe as can be with this essential gear checklist.

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Head off-grid with Projecta 12V Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

We all love exploring Australia’s best off-grid campsites, and having a good solar power setup is a must.

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