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Understanding power sources for camper trailers

Campers require a variety of power sources to keep everything running smoothly, and all of them will need to be topped up.

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BMPRO launches new range of off-grid systems

Empowering off-grid adventures with BMPRO's new high-powered systems

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Camper installs and reviews the BMPRO ProBoost DC-DC 12V charger

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REDARC Launches New Fast-Charging Dual Battery

REDARC has launched GoBlock, a compact, portable, dual battery system with ultrafast charging while driving

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Essential safety gear equipment for remote travel

Make sure your next adventure into Australia’s remote landscapes is as safe as can be with this essential gear checklist.

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Head off-grid with Projecta 12V Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

We all love exploring Australia’s best off-grid campsites, and having a good solar power setup is a must.

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