Camper Trailer of the Year Gear Guide

CAMPER crew — 23 February 2018

During the balmy days and nights of Camper Trailer of the Year, keeping cool was a high priority. All members of the content team spent the duration of the event in tents and were constantly put through the wringer, running from engagement to engagement.

The following products certainly made life a little easier for everyone during the madness!


Portability was the main game with the nifty, go-anywhere Engel cooler. Sure, it’s not going to snap chill your lobsters straight off the trawler, but it’s not designed to do so. This is a lightweight, eminently portable cooling device that won’t take up a colossal amount of valuable weight and packing space in the car. Add a few cooling blocks straight from the freezer and you have a very handy means of keeping your food and drinks colder for longer when out on the trail.

This is an expedition cooler. It’s a device you take with you on a hike or a trip to an off-site location away from base camp, where your main fridge/ freezer is located, and for this purpose, it’s superb. 


Stackability was an immediate boon for this diminutive chilling cube. Unlike many eskis and cooling boxes, the EVAKOOL’s cube shape meant in stacked easily in the boot, like a snug Tetris brick clicking into place. Tents, bikes, suitcases, bags and the rest of the kit we jammed into the trip vehicle fitted snugly around it.

Then, when retreived from its place in the car boot, it flipped open via exrtremely usable rubber o-ring-style clasps, to reveal a generous volume of nicely-cooled food and drinks. With the lid sealed and the cube stored away in a shady place, the EVAKOOL mini icebox will keep your food, drinks and other consumables nicely fresh and cool.

It's hard-wearing too, able to withstand rough handling without fuss. And again, it's square shape means it's extremely stable, even when placed on unstable terrain.

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