Stoney Creek SC-FF6: Review

David Gilchrist — 23 June 2016

On the edge of the verdant Lockyer Valley, Qld, by the banks of a stony creek called Warrill, lays the tiny community of Purga. And at Purga, west of Brisbane, is a local secret called Hardings Paddock campground.

Few travellers who head out from Brisbane towards Cunninghams Gap, Toowoomba and the black soil country of the Darling Downs, have heard of this secret bush oasis on the valley’s edge.

This family-friendly destination was an ideal spot to see if the Stoney Creek Campers SC-FF6 suits those seeking their own bush oasis. And so we kicked up the dust along the entrance track and checked it out...


Although the practical elements that make your camping experience better matter more when assessing a camper trailer, it’s also important your gear has the right look. I like a camper that looks a little rugged and ready for action. A camper called the SC-FF6 could conjure a mixed bag of images from the latest NATO weaponry to a piece of stationary that the Australian Tax Office wants you to complete before the end of the financial year. Thankfully, Stoney Creek’s SC-FF6 isn’t set for conflict or likely to help you decide on the best depreciation schedule for your office fixtures and fittings. Instead, with its matte black colour and stylish blue and amber decals along the sides, it looks set for outback travel or a family bush retreat.

Once in camp, front and rear winches help unpack it. Given the ease with which the whole unit unfurls, thanks to the gas struts, the winches seem a little superfluous. Nonetheless, after a long day on the road when you’re feeling a little physically and emotionally drained, knowing you have two winches to help is very reassuring.


Interior drawers and cupboards provided suitable interior storage. Regrettably, the finish quality of those drawers and cupboard spaces left me a little wanting. I felt the stapled drawers and lightweight handles weren’t quite up to scratch for an offroader.

With 4WDing still in mind, I also found the marine ply floor a little disappointing considering the availability of quality, strong and light composite and resin flooring on
the market these days.


Once the tent is up, a permanently attached tropical roof helps keep campers cool. However, that’s not the end of the external features.

The camper has good external storage including two front storage boots, jerry can holders, a central storage bin and battery storage capable of holding twin batteries. There’s also room for two gas cylinders up front, providing fuel to the cooktop.

For those looking for a little activity after lunch, the SC-FF6 boasts a bike rack on the back attached to the rear bumper. Apart from convenience, carrying bikes on the rear can offset weightier items stored within the two front storage boots, which are large enough to hold a small gen-set.

Beyond that, the review camper had two 100Ah deep-cycle batteries providing ample power. Portable solar power via the Anderson plug and a battery management system are also available as options.

As supplied, the batteries provide ample power to a 12/240V fridge freezer on a slide at the front and LED lights inside the camper as well as the water pump.


When it comes to exploring out of the way hidden locations like Hardings Paddock with the family on a budget, the SC-FF6 is certainly a contender.



  • Quality exterior kitchen
  • Ease of set up
  • Provision of hot and cold water
  • Ample bed space


  • Interior drawer construction
  • Flooring
  • No utility pockets in the tent for torches or glasses

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