2013 Review: Swag Camper Trailer Voyager 1

Camper Trailer Australia — 17 October 2013


The Swag Voyager 1 is great value for money at a fraction of the cost of many premium alternatives. This budget-friendly imported unit consists of a painted steel trailer body, a stainless steel wheel trim, bright alloy edging and attractive checkerplate surfaces. There is a solid framed, mesh stone shield that has tags ready for optional mudflaps, room for three jerry-can holders or water storage, a bolt-on spare wheel and tyre and mounting brackets for two 4kg gas bottles.

Underneath the trailer there’s a shrouded stainless steel watertank. Swag Camper Trailers has incorporated plenty of turning ability with a relatively long and strong drawbar for tight bush conditions. There are four pivoting, wind-down stabiliser legs to set the camper on a level attitude, with large waterproof hatches to store all of the detachable annexe walls and poles.

The top of the trailer has a pack rack suitable for a small tinnie, kayak, extra luggage, firewood or the inevitable pushbikes. This pack rack becomes the foundation for the hard floor as the unit hinges from the rear and unfolds the tent in a simple motion.


The convenience of a hardfloor camper gives you much needed separation from mud and moisture and provides protection from underfloor condensation exposing the canvas to mould. The tent pops open complete with its tropical roof and the annexe top. The interior of the camper is light and airy with plenty of windows, all with flyscreens and inner and outer awnings and a hard floor with a timber-look acrylic finish. Swag Camper Trailers describes the canvas as a 14oz equivalent.


With strong construction and huge range of features, the Swag Voyager is a very liveable, well-thought out camper. The Swag Camper Trailers Voyager 1 seems to be one of the best presented overall. It offers excellent value for money and gets families out on the road.

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