Best camper trailers $30,000 - $45,000

Camper Trailer Australia — 7 March 2014

This upper-mid-range division serves discerning couples and families who are willing to fork out a little more in exchange for very comfortable camping and excellent capacity to be self-sufficient for extended periods of time. Parting with a decent sum of money, the buyer expects a top quality product with everything they need to make life in the bush a breeze.

With this in mind, the pressure was on our contestants to deliver on this brief without blowing the $45k budget. 

Best camper reviews: $30,000 - $45,000

Complete Campsite Soft Floor Anniversary

A decade of refinement has pushed this self-sufficient, family-friendly camper to the top of its class. The traditional side-fold softfloor design is built upon a strong chassis, with more interior features and added extras than ever. The bedroom is a stand-out, along with internal storage.

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Adventure Off Road Arkaroola Elite

Easy to set up and abundant in useful features, the Arkaroola Elite has bush comfort well and truly covered. It has been tested in the crucible of hire trailers for many years and so comes with credentials to rival those of Superman; this thing is almost unbreakable.

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MDC Aussie Nomad

Fresh from the factory floor and fully equipped, the Aussie nomad has room to spare. The specification sheet includes a long list of features and despite some early bugs that need to be ironed out, on the whole this package is a lot of bang for your buck.

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Trackabout Dakar SV Extenda

At the premium end of the softfloor market, the Dakar SV Extenda is an enviable tourer. It spares no luxury on a strong foundation, even boasting an innovative fold-out bar in the kitchen.

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