Australian Visitor Centres App

Staff — 31 January 2023
Travel light – that’s the advice of experienced travellers to get the most out of your holiday.

But it’s not just about cutting back on excess luggage. Having lots of different apps to find all the things you want from the best attractions to booking accommodation, finding the nearest public toilets or current road hazards can lead you fumbling from one app to the next.

Now there is one travel app that provides an essential travel companion and it’s free!

The Australian Visitor Centres App is available for free download from the App Store or Google Play. It opens the window on a wealth of up-to-date information for travellers starting with the location of more than 400 accredited Visitor Information Centres across Australia. Wherever you’re travelling, from the tropics to the ski-fields, the coast to the outback, you can find the inside track on what to see and do from locals.

Whether you are seeking must do attractions, galleries, bush walks and nature-based experiences, in search of fishing spots, the nearest golf course or great dining options, the Australian Visitor Centres App includes a wealth of information and special deals.

For those touring or caravanning through regional Australia the app also provides road warnings, locates your nearest petrol or EV charging stations, ATMs, campgrounds and dump points, hospitals, public showers, laundromats and the list goes on. Plan your trip with downloadable offline maps or get the latest info from the nearest Visitor Information Centre when you arrive at your next destination.

Next time you set off to explore Australia, leave the guides and maps behind and lighten up on your digital aids with the one free app that really does do it all.


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