CIAA Launches Safety Campaign as Aussies Go Camping

Editorial Team — 17 November 2021

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia has launched a ‘Caravan & Camping Safety’ campaign this November, as they expect 800,000 registered RVs plan to hit the road this summer and take over 4 million trips.

In the next few months, roughly 4 million camping trips or more are expected to be taken. In preparation for this expected take up in domestic road trip camping holidays this summer, and with over 800,000 registered RVs, preparing Australians to safely enjoy their holidays with education and awareness throughout November and December is of the utmost importance.

As the caravan holiday parks look forward to welcoming back campers for what will hopefully be a bumper summer, a key focus will also include pool safety and shared spaces within caravan holiday parks, as, “Arriving safely at your destination is obviously critical but statistics show that there is also an increased risk of drownings in the summer months and the campaign will also focus on water and pool safety,” said Keelan Howard GM of Marketing & Communications, Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

Each day road safety information regarding pre-planning your trip to manage fatigue, appropriate use of rest stops including truck rest areas, vehicle preparation, sharing the road with trucks, towing, caravan parks shared spaces and pool safety will be promoted and shared. This information is relevant for all road users regardless of experience.

“Camping popularity is at an all-time high, as Australians see the many benefits of a camping holiday, getting back into nature with family and friends, seeing our beautiful country and supporting tourism and regional areas while also escaping the stress of our busy day to day lives. The last few years have reminded Australians how lucky we are, and that we may have taken some of our fondest and simplest pleasures for granted!” said Keelan Howard GM of Marketing & Communications, Caravan Industry Association of Australia.


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