Big Red Bash 2020 Sells Out in Record Time

Camper Staff — 17 October 2019
The Aussie public have gobbled up the 10,000 tickets available for the 2020 Big Red Bash just a month after they went up for sale.

Tickets to the 2020 Birdsville Big Red Bash were already sold out by October 24, after going on sale just over a month prior.

The hasty sell-out occurred despite the increase from the 9,000 tickets of previous events up to 10,000 — testifying to the increasing popularity of the festival.

Big Red Bash Founder and Organiser, Greg Donovan, was not surprised the tickets sold out, but said that the sheer speed of ticket uptake was amazing.

Images taken by Matt Williams.

“2020 will see the biggest line-up in Big Red bash history, and we hoped that tickets would sell fast,” he said.

“With a beautiful, unique destination on offer, we have been a sell-out event for the last few years – and had thought we would sell-out before Christmas.

“But to do so after only a month – and with an extra 1,000 tickets to sell this year, it’s extraordinary.”

The festival will run from July 7 to 9 on the bold red topography of the Simpson Desert, right in front of the famed Big Red dune, standing 40 metres tall. Paul Kelly leads the billing, while Kate Ceberano, Shannon Noll, Thirsty Merc, Tim Finn and others will be present too. Attendees can camp at designated grounds within a dried-out lakebed, at an organic cattle station called Adria Downs.

The only question is, who’s going to make the gravy? Greg Donovan was able to answer that.

“We’re also excited to be bringing so many travellers through Outback Queensland,” he said.

“The Queensland Government has estimated that the Big Red Bash generates more than $12 million in revenue for the region.

“And a lot of this is on the journey out to the festival. With times so tough in most of these regional areas, the tourist dollar is really helping small towns that are doing it tough,” added Greg Donovan.


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