Longest Line of RVs Ever

Malcolm Street — 18 July 2019
You wouldn’t want to be stuck behind it, but you’ve got to hand it to this incredible effort.

Barcaldine in central Queensland was very recently the scene for the Guinness Book of Records attempt for the Largest Parade of Recreational Vehicles (RVs).

The record for the longest line of RVs is currently held by the Italians at 672 vehicles, and for the longest continuous image made of LED lights, it is held by the Chinese at 655 metres. 

Organised by the Australian Motorhoming Lions Club (ALMC), it took almost 15 months in the planning and a considerable number of volunteer hours. 

And although both records have been well and truly broken, it still has to be officially sanctioned by Guinness World Records. 

According to the ALMC’s Len Waddington, 5974.66 metres of unbroken LED lights were laid out, beating the old record by a considerable amount. 

To get the Longest Parade of RVs record, the line of RVs had to be moving — at a very slow pace of about 10km/hr — but still moving. Stretched out it equalled 15km of RVs on the road. 863 RVs were registered for the rolling line. 

It was a great effort by the RV community and Barcaldine more than doubled its population for the best part of the week. 

All monies raised will be going to appropriate charities. 


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