Campers urged to prepare for cyclone season

Laura Gray — 22 December 2016

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned of an average-to-above-average tropical cyclone season, after a relatively quiet last season.

People living or travelling in the northern reaches of Australia are being urged to prepare for the impacts, including power outages.

Lightning, strong wind and heavy rain can cause damage to power grids during a cyclone, leaving travellers and caravan parks without power and relying on back-up sources like generators.

Generator manufacturer Briggs & Stratton has put together a list of tips to help travellers prepare.


  1. Have an emergency plan.
    And make it’s up-to-date. Be prepared with emergency contact details, including that of the SES, and ensure the entire family knows what to do if a storm was to hit.
  2. Prepare the house or campsite
    At the start of storm season, it’s time to make some adjustments to your surroundings, such as trimming nearby trees, clearing downpipes and gutters, and securing any outdoor or garden furniture. Check the roof is in good condition and properly protect glass windows or skylights, which can be major hazards during a storm.
  3. Get a back-up power source
    Lightning, rainfall and heavy winds can knock out power and it’s not uncommon to experience long outages during a storm. Be prepared with a back-up generator to ensure a reliable source of power so your day-to-day is not significantly impacted. Remember – never operate a portable generator indoors or in enclosed spaces and ensure that the exhaust is pointed away from occupied spaces, windows and doors when in use.
  4. Safeguard valuables
    Store valuables in plastic bags to keep them from getting damaged and have them all in the one place to ensure easy access in a hurry.
  5. Review your insurance.
    Understanding what is and isn’t covered will keep you from any nasty surprises.
  6. Stay informed
    Weather can change quickly, so be sure to listen for daily updates and announcements in your area.


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