EXCLUSIVE: MDC buys out Aussie-made Camel Campers

Camper Trailer Australia — 19 October 2016

Buyers will soon be able opt for a locally-made Camel-branded camper at any MDC showroom Australia-wide, following MDC Camper Trailers and Offroad Caravans' (MDC) purchase of the proud Aussie brand.

Camel Campers, which has operated since 1999, went into receivership earlier this year and was subsequently bought out by RV importer MDC.

MDC managing director Vaughan Hindley said the investment by MDC will create a “one-stop-shop” where enthusiasts can choose a camper that “resonates with them,” emphasising that all Camel-branded camper trailers sold alongside MDC offerings will remain wholly Australian made.

“We have invested heavily in the people and the machinery that has made this brand iconic over its 19 years of operation,” Hindley explained.

Both companies will operate from MDC’s manufacturing facility about 11km south of Brisbane city in Coopers Plains.

“Our goal through the size of our already-established distribution network is to increase the Camel Campers brand market share and take it to the next level in conjunction with our MDC offering,” Hindley said.

MDC will manufacture, distribute and promote of Camel Campers while also retaining a number of staff from the original business. Both brands will be distributed through MDC’s network of showrooms in states across Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.



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