Stockman Products releases new teardrop camper: The Rover 02

Editorial Team — 7 May 2024
Stockman Products have recently released a new offroad teardrop-style camper trailer: The Rover 02

The Stockman Rover 01 has been a fan-favourite since its release, allowing owners to explore fantastic locations off the beaten track with their compact and durable Rover in tow. But Stockman Products hasn’t stopped there and has released a new and exciting model: the Rover 02. 

This pocket-rocket offroad teardrop-style camper packs a lot into the small space, allowing owners to enjoy a luxury camping experience minus the set up of a traditional camper trailer. 

With no poles or pegs to deal with, overnight stops are a breeze. Simply open the side door and jump in bed. It doesn’t get any easier than that. And with its design focusing on ease of use as well as comfort, the insulated and airy cabin of the Rover 02 provides a warm and quiet night’s sleep no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Some exciting upgrades included in the Rover 02 model are diesel hot water and air heater options, a larger water tank and REDARC power systems — which are backed up by the RedVision network of more than 250 service agents around Australia, ensuring you’ll never be too far from expert assistance. And with solar panels installed to the curved roof, owners will be able to head off-grid with confidence

Campsite cooking is sorted with the kitchen at the rear of the camper, and the large back door opens up to provide instant cover from the rain or sun. And there’s no heavy slide-out pantry drawers to deal with in the Rover 02. Instead, owners can enjoy the bounty of pantry space built in right where you need it. The optional wine storage is also a fantastic perk.

While the Rover range might have a funky shape, don’t be fooled. This camper is capable of outback touring with a 100 per cent Aussie-made chassis and suspension manufactured at Stockman Products’ factory in Melbourne, Vic.

If you’re not already familiar with Stockman Products, it’s the brand that invented and manufactured the award-winning POD trailer in 2006 and has an established loyal following of more than 5000 customers. The brand produces POD and camper trailers, roof top campers and trailer accessories — all designed to make the outdoor adventuring lifestyle easier and more comfortable. The Stockman team is dedicated to building innovative, high-quality products that can last the rigors of the Aussie outback, and the Rover 02 is its latest offering.

To find out more, head to the Stockman Products website.


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