First-ever Australia’s Best Hybrids Showcase

Amelia Mansell — 13 November 2023
Head to the Australia’s Best Hybrids Showcase on 25 November 2023 at the idyllic NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Resort.

You may be familiar with the Camper Trailer of the Year event, but this November we welcome in a new competition: Australia’s Best Hybrids. 

Over the course of six days, 10 hybrid caravans and camper trailers from Australia’s leading manufacturers will be vying for the ultimate title of ‘Australia’s Best Hybrid,’ and the public is invited to come see these units in person during the Showcase on Saturday, 25 November, from 10am to 2pm.

The Showcase will be held at the NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Resort (2 Short Point Road, Merimbula, NSW). Entry is free, and there will be parking available onsite.

The Showcase gives community members a chance to go along and meet the people behind Australia’s leading hybrid caravan and camper brands and see the latest innovations these manufacturers have come up with. 

The judging for Australia’s Best Hybrids 2024 presented by Tough Dog 4WD Suspension will take place at the NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Resort and throughout the surrounding areas during 23–28 November. 

Manufacturers taking part in Australia’s Best Hybrids 2024 are:

Keep an eye on the Camper Australia and Caravan World channels for more information and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks!


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Australia's Best Hybrid 2024 presented by Tough Dog 4WD Suspension Public Showcase 25 November 2023 NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Resort NSW South Coast 10 entrants Free entry Parking available 10am-2pm