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Camper Trailer Australia — 12 June 2014

In a world where endless annual leave for month-long expeditions is but a dream, the weekend escape is the camper trailer tourer's saving grace. For Sydney dwellers who always have Friday on their mind, we've rounded up a selection of the best weekend holiday destinations a comfortable driving distance from the CBD, including National Parks for nature lovers and sandy seasides for beach bums.

Top 5 short breaks near Sydney

Stockton Beach | Wollemi National Park | Kanangra-Boyd National Park | Myall Lakes National Park | Jervis Bay & Booderee National Park

1. Stockton Beach

Stockton Beach is said to be the 4WD and dune buggy playground capital of Australia, so if you’re reading this, then it is bound to appeal to you for a fast weekend jaunt away from home. Located north of Hunter River, Stockton is just two hours’ drive from Sydney via the freeway. Once there you have a giant stretch of 32km’s of sand to play on from Stockton to Anna Bay.

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2. Wollemi National Park

Simply put, Wollemi National Park is the largest wilderness area in NSW. It forms part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and is just two hours’ drive from Sydney so it isn’t a question of why go there? It is a question of why not?

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3. Kanangra-Boyd National Park

Apart from the most amazing scenery of sandstone cliff faces, deep gorges, crisp creeks and giant waterfalls, Kanangra-Boyd National Park and its surrounds is full of wonder and adventure.

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4. Myall Lakes National Park

Three hours’ drive from Sydney, you’ll find the wonders of the Myall Lakes District to quench your thirst for an overwhelming amount of great outdoors activities.

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5. Jervis Bay & Booderee National Park

We’ve all lusted after that classic postcard image of calm, impossibly blue water contrasted against lily white beaches and fringed with dense greenery, not a soul in sight, a paradise all of your own. Some Aussies fly all the way to Fuji or even Thailand to fulfil this daydream, but that’s good, because it means the rest of us can enjoy places like Booderee National Park in peace.

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