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Camper Trailer Australia — 11 May 2018

Look underneath any respectable high spec camper and you’re likely to see a Cruisemaster chassis, suspension system or drawbar. Look at the hitching configuration and again, you’re likely to see a Cruisemaster product.

It’s no accident that many of Australia's leading manufacturers of campers choose to use Cruisemaster.

Their DO35 hitch is regarded as the finest and most dependable currently available in the marketplace, and when it comes to hitches, these are the two attributes you want above all others.

Similarly, their suspension systems are custom-designed with Australian offroad conditions in mind. This is probably the most important detail to consider if ever in the market for a towable vehicle: will it rattle to pieces over a thousand miles of corrugations; will it handle the extreme fluctuations in temperatures and conditions, from freezing cold southern alpine regions to arid desert to tropical humidity. It’s entirely conceivable that an Australian camper would experience the full gamut of these three environments in the space of only a few months.

Cruisemaster are implicitly aware of this, producing their suspension products with this potential fluctuation and environmental variance as a priority. The Cruisemaster XT is a go-to choice for many Australian camper manufacturers.

With a Cruisemaster XT fitted to your camper, you can be assured it’ll get you where you need to go, despite the condition of the road.

This is a vital consideration because, increasingly, Australian outdoor enthusiasts are looking to get off the beaten track to the most idyllic and peaceful locations in the land, stretch out and go camping with friends and family away from the maddening crowds. The last thing you want is to be spending the bulk of your camping time fixing any messes caused by an underperforming suspension or hitching system. 

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