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Winter Warmers

Here’s a few oven-based recipes to keep you in good health.

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Tasty Tucker: Chilli Crab Linguine

Pinch back a touch of class with this blue swimmer crab linguine, the perfect choice for a night at the beach.

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Campfire Cooking: Classic Damper

Modern day luxuries have softened us up like melted marshmallows. Time to hearken back to times of old, when pioneering Aussie swagmen roamed the land, by cooking a damper.

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PICTURE CREDIT: BravissimoS/Getty Images

Yummy Yellow Belly

With the Channel Country in flood, we thought we’d spare a thought for all the fishos who’ve caught themselves a yellow belly but haven't had a clue how to cook it.

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Tasty Tucker: Simple Breakfast Feast

Don’t end up having a can of tuna for brekky. Come prepared and fuel your adventures.

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Pan-fried potatoes (image supplied)

Pan-fried Potatoes

Four ingredients combine to make these pan-fried potatoes, delivering roadhouse flavours to your camper.

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Tight-arse tucker

Tight-Arse Tucker: Part 2

You might be surprised to discover it's not that hard to create an easy campsite meal - one that's tasty and (most importantly) doesn't break the camping budget. These recipes, tried and tested by the Camper Trailer team, are unbeatable in price and deli

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Camp oven roast

Camping Recipes: Camp Oven Roast

Nothing beats a good camp oven roast that has been cooked to perfection over hot coals - and with this recipe you're guaranteed to make the most delicious roast at camp.

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Chow mein is a hearty classic.

Camping Recipes: Chow Mein

Chow mein is a classic family-friendly meal - quick and easy to make, plus it tastes delicious - which also makes it an ideal camping recipe.

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Essential safety gear equipment for remote travel

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Head off-grid with Projecta 12V Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

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